February 07, 2012

39 weeks 2 days and...........

We're having a baby on FRIDAY!

I went to the doctor this morning for my 39 week appointment.  I had not dilated any more.  My doctor asked me if I wanted to have a baby this week.  I kind of freaked out in my head a little when he said that.  Then I said "SURE!"  He said we could do it tomorrow or Friday.  I chose Friday hoping that Garland and Noah will both be a LOT better by then.

We took Noah back to prompt care last night.  His croup is now bronchitis.  He's on an antibiotic now and a steroid.  Garland just went to the doctor again this afternoon and his bronchitis is now a sinus infection.  ACCCCCCKKK!!!!!  I woke up with a slight sore throat this morning, but I'm chugging water and downing lots of oranges in hopes that I don't get whatever they had.

Still so surreal to think that we are having a baby!