February 03, 2012

38 weeks 5 days

Another week down!  At my doctor's appointment this week, I lost two pounds.  YAY! That puts me back down to about 5 pounds gained I think.  I was dilated to a three.  Tuesday evening I had contractions for about two hours.  They were 4 minutes apart, but there was very little pain with them, so I knew it wasn't really labor.  I wish!  Since then, I've had a few each day, but still not really any pain.  I guess Emma isn't ready to come yet!  I'm ready for her to come, but do hope that she waits until everyone is healthy.  Garland has been sick with a sinus infection and cough for a few weeks.  Noah was diagnosed with croup today.  I'm hoping and praying that I stay healthy like I have been the entire pregnancy.

I did finish her room this past week, and I think I have everything we need for her.  Garland and I have our bags packed.  Grandma has a bed set up for Noah.  The car seat is installed.  We just need everyone healthy and labor to start!

Here are some pictures of her room.