January 12, 2012

35 weeks 4 days

As of today, I have ONE MONTH until my due date!  So hard to believe still that this is happening.  I had a doctor's appointment a few days ago.  I've gained six pounds total, so I'm happy about that!  My blood pressure has been in normal range.  Next week the doctor will start checking for progress.

The baby room is coming along.  I just have to get wall art hung and a few baskets for diaper organization and we'll be all set.  I have one more baby shower coming up next week.  There are a few things that we still need and several things that I want.  I really need to get the baby book ordered in case she decides to make a surprise early arrival (have to have her foot prints in it!).  I've started throwing a few things in suitcase, but haven't fully packed yet.

I'm feeling pretty good other than having pelvic pain from the bones and ligaments spreading and stretching.  Walking is more of a chore these days and looks more like waddling.  The picture below was taken over a week ago when we were in a hotel.  I feel like I've ballooned up more since then.

Noah is doing great.  He is going to start speech therapy in a few weeks.  He's saying a lot of words, but hasn't figured out how to pronounce several letter sounds.  He tested at a 30 month level on development, but at a 21 month level on speech.  He runs around the house saying "Emma's Yoom" all the time (for Emma's room).  He says a ton of words and can count to ten...again...you just can't understand it all that well.  I think once he figures out the sounds, then the words and phrases will start coming fast.