September 13, 2011

18 Weeks and 2 Days

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday.  The doctor said everything looks great.  They did my one-hour glucose test, but I won't have the results of that until later today I think.  My next appointment will be on October 11th and that is when we will have our anatomy scan and find out what we are having!  Finally!

I've been feeling pretty good the past few weeks.  My energy level is a lot better than it was several weeks ago, and I am finally sleeping better too.  This past Saturday I felt the first movements from the outside of my belly and again felt it on Sunday.  Garland hasn't yet caught it when it happens though.  I can't wait until the movements are a little more consistent.

Noah is doing great.  He is quite the handful some days...especially when we are out in public.  He has recently developed a fear of PEOPLE.  He can't stand for someone to say hi to him or to talk to him while we are shopping or eating.  I am hoping he grows out of this very quickly!

Here are a few recent pictures of him.