August 22, 2011

Training for the X-Games

Noah is becoming quite the daredevil. This is his new favorite thing to do with his four wheeler.

He is also quite a ham still.  He is constantly making this funny smile.

I don't think Noah really gets that he is going to be a big brother in the coming months.  I will ask him from time to time where the baby is, and he will point to my belly....but sometimes also points to his own belly.  It's going to be a big adjustment for him when the baby comes!  

Everything is going fine with the pregnancy so far.  I am 15 weeks and 1 day right now.   I was very tired for a few weeks, but this weekend my energy seemed a lot better as did my appetite.  I still can't stand the thought of raw chicken and certain other foods, but I have been able to eat more.  I'm really glad that I ordered the fetal heart monitor for home use.  It provides such peace of mind when I get those twinges of fear and worry.