July 07, 2011

Summer Update aka Extremely Long Picture-filled Post

Things are going great here at home.  Noah had his first trip to the beach in June and loved it.  He didn't care for the 14 hour car ride, but loved the beach once we got there!  Our condo had an adult pool and also had a large kiddie pool.  We spent a lot of time in there as there was no other small children his age using it.  He liked playing on the beach, but occasionally tried to eat the sand.

Since we have been home, Noah has spent a LOT of time outside and in the pool.  He LOVES swimming and as long as he has his arm floats on, he will go all over the pool by himself.  He loves for me to throw him up in the air and then let him go down under the water and then he bounces back up and shouts "GIN" for again.

This past weekend, Noah went to his first parade in Hopedale for the 4th of July.  He liked seeing all the firetrucks, police cars, and horses.  I didn't allow him to go out for candy as he has no sense of needing to stay back from the vehicles and animals.  He had fun anyway and I don't think he realized what the people were throwing. 

Sitting with Grandma and Grandpa

These are a few miscellaneous pictures in case you haven't seen enough!


jessica said...

Yay, a blog post! I love seeing pictures of Noah! I just can't believe this is the same boy in that March 2010 social report. He is getting so big! Very cute.