April 20, 2011

The Non-Blogger Blogs

I'm not sure why I keep this blog going anymore because I always forget about it.  I guess I'll keep it going and just occasionally post for those people who aren't on Facebook.

Everything is going great with Noah.  He's growing way too fast and getting way too ornery!  He is definitely all boy and LOVES being outside.  When we pull into our driveway and get him out of the van, he tries to sneak off and run to the backyard to play.  It doesn't matter if it's day or night.

He's outgrowing all of his clothes.  A week or so ago, we had a very warm day....in the mid eighties.  I had to scrounge around to find something cool for him to wear.  I don't mean in the "cool dude" sort of way either, because the outfit we came up with was definitely not the "cool dude" type.  It was more of the dorky kid next door type, but we made due.  It was a pair of bibs and they were pretty much too small for him.  Every time he bent over, the snaps came undone and then it just looked like he was wearing a dress.

His vocabulary is really coming along.  Here are some of the words he says now:

cah (car)
'gin (again)
sis (six)
kah (clock)
tah (star)
kee (kitty)
bah (Yo Gabba Gabba)
boo (Blue)
poo (spoon or poop)
and a bunch of animal sounds

I bought a potty chair recently and he will sit on it a few times a day.  He usually always will go in it.  He's not ready for full-on potty training yet, but he knows what it's for and will go in it.  He just hasn't figured out that he needs to tell us when he has to go.  A lot of times, I can catch him when he starts to go in his diaper and we'll run into Mr. Frog (it is shaped like a frog) and he'll go.  He gets one mini-Oreo if he goes.  He LOVES that so he usually tries to go.

Here are some recent pictures.