April 28, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday - A Day Late

My heart just can't take this much cuteness in one picture!!  That stinkin' binky drives me nuts, but sometimes it just looks so, so cute!  Noah only has the binky when he is in his crib.  When I get him out of it, he throws it down and says "yuck!"  He occasionally has it in the van when we're on long rides if he gets cranky and tired.  Other than that, he's binky free.  One plus to this, is he doesn't complain much when it's time to go to bed because he knows he'll get the binky then.  I'm going to try to break him of it after we get back from our trip to Gulf Shores in June.  Until then, I will just melt in the cuteness of it.  It's pictures like these, that make me want to scoop him up and rock him in the chair all night.  Unfortunately, he is such a light sleeper, he would wake up and think it was time to play.