February 26, 2011

First Haircut

Last night, I finally bit the bullet and cut Noah's hair.  I was a little nervous since he rarely sits still long enough to even pic his hair.  Earlier in the day, I tested out what I was going to do to get him to sit still long enough to cut it.  I turned on BLUE'S CLUES and sat him on my lap facing the TV and I sprayed it down.  Then while he watched Blue's Clues, I pic'd it out.  He sat still for the whole ten minutes or so that it took for me to detangle it.

Last night we went to Walgreens and I picked up some scissors and a comb.  When we got home, I spread out a beach towel on the living room floor, turned on Blue, and sat him in front of me and snipped away.  He was curious as to why there was a pile of hair on the floor, but he did sit pretty good for the majority of the time I was cutting it.  His hair was SO fuzzy before I started cutting.  On the top of his head, the hair was about four inches long when it was stretched out.

Here is a picture of him a few days ago.  You can click on it to make it bigger to see how poofy it was.

Here is the amount of hair I cut last night.

I forgot to have Garland take a picture while I was cutting it, but here are the after pictures.  



Holli said...

Looks GREAT!!!
We trimmed the girls a couple weeks back.... thank goodness for curls as It is NOT EVEN!
They wouldn't sit still!!