February 17, 2011

Fifteen Month Update

I usually post all my pictures of Noah on Facebook and since most of my family and friends are on there, I kind of forget about posting to the blog. To fix this, I'm going to try to post more on the blog and then just put a link to the pictures on Facebook. Try that is.

My last blog about Noah I think I mentioned that he was sick. He is fine now. It was just a bad cold. We had our fair share of snot and I hope to not see that again for a very long time! Last week we also had Noah's 15 month doctor visit. He is doing so well. When we got home last May, he wasn't even on the growth charts. Now, he is in the 70th percentile for height and 40th for weight. It's pretty amazing to look at all the sizes of clothes he has gone through in nine months. He is wearing 24 month or 2T in most shirts and 18 month pants. I can't wait for garage sale season! I refuse to pay retail prices for clothes that I know he'll only wear for a few months.

His vocabulary is developing slowly but surely.  Here are a few of the things he says:

Whoo Whooo (for an owls sound)
Hey, Dick (his grandpa's name...no idea why he calls him that when none of us do)
Hiiii-Yah (he says this when he's doing a fake karate chop)
'gin - for again
Bawk - for a chicken sound
Grrrrr - for a bear sound
Baaa - for a sheep sound (he only occasionally will say this)
Moo - for a cow sound

He also signs more, please, thank you, and drink. It's funny how he uses the sign "more" sometimes. He does it basically when he wants anything. When he wants to watch youtube, for a toy, in the grocery store when we are in the bread or bakery aisle. He also does it in the van when we're driving and his video stops playing. Usually we can hear him slapping his fingers together as he signs, but if we don't see him, then he starts this weird grunt like he's trying to get our attention. The funniest place he signs more is in the bakery aisle at Walmart. He starts signing more like crazy when he sees the donuts or cookies then he just can't figure out what I won't just open a box right there and give him one.

Here is a video of him signing a few weeks ago.

Here are a few pictures of our little 15 month old. It's so hard to believe he's almost 1 1/2.

And here is a video of him making animal sounds.