February 23, 2011


Noah absolutely LOVES his bath time.   I give him a bath every other day.  I always ask him: "Are you ready for a tubby?!" and he will drop what he is doing and run to the bathroom.  Tonight I decided to capture a little bath time fun on camera.

We found these fun color fizzy things that you throw in the tub and it changes the water color.  Noah LOVES them.  Here is the color he chose tonight.

When I am running the water, Noah loves to run around naked.  He especially loves to dance when he's naked.  It's the funniest thing.  

He always tries to escape out of the bathroom and run around the house.  

Then, into the tub he went.

Onto his back to KICK KICK KICK!

OH.MY.GOODNES....that face!

Here he is kicking up a storm.  

I forgot to take a picture after he got out and all dried off and lotioned up.  He was worn out from kicking so much and went right to sleep.