December 02, 2010

Bad blogger!!

I have gotten so bad at this blogging thing.  I rely on Facebook so much anymore that I hardly even remember I have a blog!

Since my last post, Noah is continuing to grow like a weed.  He is walking like crazy and getting more steady.  When he first started walking, his hands were always straight up in the air to help balance himself. Now, his arms are down lower and just out from his sides a little ways.  Yesterday he actually tried running a few different times.  His top half would get ahead of his bottom half and a few times he fell face first into the carpet.  He has had two bloody lips in the past few weeks.  One was yesterday when he went face first into the carpet and one was a few weeks ago when he thought it would be fun to stand up in the tub.  He fell into the side of the tub and busted his bottom lip.

He now has four teeth and it looks like there is a whole bunch more that are trying to come in.  He is still not saying much, but we can tell he is a little smarty!  Yesterday, I said "Are you hungry?  Do you want something to eat?"  and he took off and walked right to his high chair in the kitchen.  He is starting to use some sign language too.  He will sign more and occasionally thank you.  It's so cute!

A few of his new FAVORITE things to do (which TOTALLY annoy mom) is screaming at the top of his lungs and spitting.  Yep, that's my son!  On Tuesday, we were in Walmart and he screamed all the way through the store.  It's not an "I'm mad" scream.  It's and "I think it's fun to hear myself scream!" scream.  He does it with a big smile on his face too.  Every time he did it, I would put my hand over his mouth and tell him very quietly "no screaming" but it didn't help.  I guess it's just a phase maybe, but I sure hope he grows out of it soon!!!

We had a great Thanksgiving.  My whole family was able to be together for a few days.  That doesn't happen often since we are scattered into two different states.  We had a great time and Noah liked getting to know his cousins...although, he is kind of a brut!

On Tuesday, we went to the courthouse and completed Noah's readoption.  The process was very simple and we were lucky to find an attorney who does readoption cases pro-bono.  Some people take lots of pictures on readoption day, but it seemed very non-climactic.  As soon as the judge gave his approval, everyone just kind of left the courtroom and that was it.  I took these pictures when we got home.


Debbie said...

Naomi likes to yell in Wal-Mart and Lili did the same thing when she was younger. It echos and bit and they seem to like that sound. I give Naomi something to play with and ignore the behavior which typically works well. Anyway, it's not just your child that enjoys making noise in Wal-Mart :-)

Noah is getting so big and is such a cutie.