October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Noah!!!!

Noah is ONE-YEAR old today!!  I really cannot believe it.  It seems like it was just yesterday that I posted this and this.  I think once you have a child, the days and hours start moving in double-time!  I remember when we first saw Noah's picture, I thought of how tiny he was and how he would probably always be a person who was thin and petite.  He has proven us wrong there!  Look at these pictures we got of him back on January 15th.

Look how tiny his wrists and ankles were!  Notice how his fists are clenched up too.  When we had his pictures and referral paperwork reviewed by an adoption doctor, she told us that there was a chance he had cerebral palsy.  Even the thought of it, didn't stop us from accepting his referral.  We didn't care.  We didn't really think he had it because just having clenched fists was not enough to determine that diagnosis.  Just look at him now!  

Such a huge difference from those first few pictures to today.  This past week, Noah started walking.  He can go quite a ways before falling down.  He hasn't figured out how to stand up without holding on to anything yet.  He also got another tooth yesterday (his third), FINALLY!  He is eating mainly all regular food and only has baby cereal once a day at most.  We go next Wednesday for his 12-month doctor visit.  I am anxious to see how much he has gone up on the growth charts.  

This week he also started saying "BAH" for bottle.  I can tell he's really trying to figure out how to verbalize more, but he just hasn't got it all figured out yet. 

Last night we went to the harvest party at church.  When we got home, his diaper was still dry, so I decided to sit him on the toilet just to see what he would do.  Just a few seconds after I set him on it, he peed!  I couldn't believe it.  He just looked at me like "What was that?!?"  I cheered for him and then stood him in front of the tub while I ran his bath water.  He proceeded to pee all over the bath mat.  I guess he doesn't have it all figured out quite yet!  :)  



Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Noah!