October 03, 2010

11 months old - 5 months home

Noah turned 11 months old last week and as of September 30th, he has been with us for five months.  The time is really flying by way too fast.  He is changing every day and is looking less like a baby and more like a toddler.  We really want to press pause for a while and slow things down!

It is exciting to see Noah learn and develop though and brings such joy to us and our families.  Here are a few things that Noah has learned.

  • Standing more and more unassisted - although if you try to get him to do it, he plops down and refuses! 
  • Waves bye - it's a whole arm moving up and down kind of wave.  
  • Patty Cakes - it's more just a clap right now.
  • Blows kisses - this is his latest trick and he will do it a hundred times a day without prompting
  • So big - we say "how big is Noah?" and he raises his arms high in the air and stretches to the sky.
  • He loves to crawl over things...toys, people, pillows, etc.  
He has so many new tricks, it's pretty funny to watch him do them on command.  He gets confused sometimes and starts to clap while reaching for his mouth to blow kisses all at the same time.  

As far as his talking goes, he still says  Dada all the time.  Sometimes it's a hi-dada.  He also says Baba, although it's not necessarily a word more than just a sound because he says it all the time and doesn't really associate it with anything.  He will say "hey" occasionally.  

Noah is definitely a mama's boy.  It makes my heart skip a beat sometimes to see how well he has attached and bonded with us.  He loves his dada too.  As soon as Garland comes home from work, Noah's arms go straight up in the air, waiting for Garland to pick him up.  

He LOVES LOVES LOVES to be outside.  He especially loves to be pulled in the wagon.  He also likes to crawl around on the grass, but I have to watch him closely because he tries to eat everything.  He loves to ride the lawn mower around the yard with us.  We drive all over (without actually mowing).  

It's hard to believe that just nine months ago, we were staring at pictures of a tiny two month old baby and now we see a thriving 11 month old wearing 18 month clothes!   We love you Noah!!!  


Cindy said...

Handsome Boy!

The Gotch 5 said...

Mommas boy I guess and at least you admitted that it makes your day everytime he does it!!!!! Keep him up tomorrow so I can see him!!!!

Debbie said...

Time really does fly!!!

He's a cutie!!!!