September 13, 2010

Bad blogger

I'm becoming such a bad blogger...the type of blogger I said I'd never be once we were home with Noah.  I thought I'd have so much to blog about, but it's just the opposite!  I think things are just going so smoothly that I don't even think about blogging most of the time.  No wait to complain about!

Noah is doing great.  His pediatrician discovered that it was medically necessary for him to be circumcised.  Ouch!!  So, about a week and a half ago, we went to the hospital for the outpatient procedure to be done.  I handled it quite well.  I was afraid they would give him IVs as soon as we checked in, but the anesthesiologist waited until he was in the operating room.  He gave him a gas first that put him to sleep so that he would not be awake for the IV.  I was so THANKFUL of that because I know how hard it is to find a good vein on him.

The procedure only took about 30 minutes.  When he was in recovery, the nurse came out and said I could go in with him.  It is like Fort Knox at the new Children's Hospital in Peoria, so I had to wait to be "buzzed in" through several sets of doors.  I could hear him screaming and was ready to kick in the doors to get to him.  Poor guy was so out of it, I could tell by looking at him, plus he had ice packed in his diaper which I'm sure didn't feel too good either!  He also hadn't had anything to eat since 8:00 the previous night and it was almost 11:30 by this point.  As soon as he saw me, he almost lunged out of the nurses arms for me.  I had a bottle ready for him and he started drinking it right away.  He was in pain still though so in between drinks, he screamed bloody murder.  I, of course, felt like the worst mom on the planet for having this procedure done to him!

This Wednesday it will be two weeks since the procedure.  He is finally feeling normal again I think.  I no longer feel like the worst mom on the planet either.  He is getting so big!  Yesterday I cleared out two garbage bags of clothes from his dresser and closet...things that no longer fit him.  He is growing out of his 12 month clothes and is wearing some 18 month things now.  I was so glad we went to the Mother's of Multiples garage sale this weekend as we got a TON of "new" clothes for him.

He is sleeping great still - 12 to 14 hours at night without waking up.  Naps are getting better.  He takes a 30-45 minute catnap in the morning and then a longer nap in the afternoon.  He still only has two teeth.  We still joke that he is going to have to borrow Granny's false teeth if he doesn't get more teeth soon.  He does pretty good with eating despite his lack of teeth.

Here are a few recent pictures of him:


Debbie said...

So sorry he had to go through circumcision.

He is getting so big and it sounds like he is now bigger than Naomi who can still wear some of her 9 month clothes. LOL!!!!

Glad to see a blog update!!!