August 30, 2010

10 Months Old and Four Months Home

Noah turned ten months old on Saturday and today marks four months of being home.  He is changing so much and I just want to slow time down!  Everyday it seems like he is taller than he was the day before.  I thought he was going to be a little petite baby, but he's growing into quite a little chunk!  When we first met him, he was in 0-3 month clothes.  He is now outgrowing some 12 month clothes.

At ten months old, Noah has finally figured out how to pick up small bits of food and put them in his mouth.  It seemed like he was never going to figure that out.  He also is figuring out how to use a sippy cup, although he isn't real fond of it and would much rather just have a bottle.  He is crawling at lightning speeds and would rather play with cords, Crocs, and newspapers than toys.   He pulls up to furniture and walks all over the living room while holding on to various items.

Noah is very stubborn.  We know there are so many things he can do, but he chooses not to.   Examples of this:  patty cake.  One night I was rocking him and he was clapping away.  When I said "Wow!  You are doing patty cake!" he immediately stopped and has refused to do it since then.  One afternoon, he said MMMaaaa (mom) over and over and over.  Three weeks have passed and I've only gotten him to say it once or twice since then.  Another thing he could do but chooses not to do is "so big".  If you say "how big is Noah?" he won't raise his hands.  But if you hold each of his hands, he will raise them high. The minute you let go, he puts them down.

His favorite song is Wheels on the Bus.  He also likes Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.  When it comes to the part of "eyes and ears and mouth and nose" he opens his mouth wide for me to touch it.  He has started dancing to music while he holds on to the furniture.  It is so cute.

Garland and I are still in amazement that he is ours and that we are really home with him.  All the years of waiting seem like a flash now that we are home and see how fast he is growing and changing.  I just want to freeze time now for a little while so I can have him in the baby stage for just a little while longer.

Here are some updated pictures of him.


Holli said...

Happy 10 months and 4 months!!!
It is AMAZING how for he/they have come! it seems like we brought home new borns and in 4 months are full blown toddlers!
Love to see you and Garland as parents!!
Love to you all!

Gretchen said...

I love his hair! It is SO cute! Happy 10 months Noah!!!

Joy said...

What a lovely family photo :)