July 14, 2010

Crawling, slobbering, and....a TOOTH!

I haven't posted an actual update on Noah recently, so I thought I should today.  He is crawling EVERYWHERE.  He's into everything too.  I have had to rearrange things in our living room to keep him out of stuff.  He is also pulling up to things and standing.

He is growing like a weed.  In May, he could wear some 0-3 month clothes.  Now he is growing out of the 6 month and is into the 9 month sizes.  It seems like he is changing so much.  His hair is getting really curly now.  When we first brought him home, it was straight as could be.  I love the curls though.

He hates baby food.  I have tried all different flavors, brands, textures, etc.  Yesterday I bought a food mill from Amazon.  I am going to try to just grind up whatever we are having and see if he will eat it.  He will willingly eat rice cereal with fruit in it, but won't eat the fruit by itself.  Forget trying to get him to eat peas or green beans...he gags on those.  I'm hoping he'll do better when I start grinding it for him.

Noah has been slobbering like crazy and chewing on everything.  He has done this for more than a month though.  We've been wondering if the tooth would ever pop through.  I check his gums every morning, and this morning I could finally feel the sharp little sliver of his first tooth!

Here are a few pictures to compare how much he has changed:

At the time of our referral

In Ethiopia

Home for one month

Home for two months

Then the next few pictures were taken within the last week

See the curls??

We are so in love with this kid.  I can't imagine life without him now.  


Carrie said...

I LOVE all the happy baby fat! He's looking so beautiful!

Sami said...

He is so freaking adorable! The home for 2 months picture has to be my favorite...for now!