June 27, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday, April 28 & 29 – Last Days in Ethiopia

Noah slept very well the first night with him.  We were amazed.  The bedroom we were in was pretty sparse and didn’t have a baby bed.  It did have a twin bed, but it was not close enough to our bed.  So,  I made a pallet on the floor next to my side of the queen size bed.  We decided to sleep when he slept, so we were in bed by 8:00 I think.  He slept all night long and woke up at 7:00 the next morning.  (Ahhh…if only he were still that way!)



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We had lazy days on Wednesday and Thursday.  We spent it in our room, in the lounge area, and the dining room.  We visited with our travel mates and got to know Noah a little more.  We discovered he REALLY fought sleep.   So afraid he would miss out on some excitement I think!  He did well with his feedings except the lunch time meal.  The Care Center sent over a porridge-type meal and I could never get him to eat it, so we just stuck to the bottle.

On Wednesday night, just as we were getting ready for bed, the power went out.  This was NOT a good thing since Garland sleeps with a CPAP machine.  We thought it would surely come back on, but it didn’t.  We had a nearly sleepless night because it was SO quiet, and Garland couldn’t sleep well without his machine.  I couldn’t sleep well without it either since he was then snoring. 

On Thursday, we spent most of the day packing and getting ready to leave.  Garland didn’t feel well at all.  He didn’t eat much that day and tried to sleep a little when the power came back on.  After having such a sleepless night, we were going to be up all day long, then head to the airport for our flight at 11:00 that night.  It was going to be a LONG two days ahead of us. 

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After we were all packed up, we loaded up the van around 7:00 I think.  Just as we were getting on the bus, I realized that I didn’t have our plane tickets!  We both went into a panic.  The luggage was already in a different vehicle that was following us to the airport.  It was a tense situation and we were both worried that we wouldn’t be able to find them.  The trip to the airport was insane.  The traffic was indescribable.  There was cars, taxis, trucks, etc bumper to bumper, side to side.  I was scared to death at one point when we got to a point where traffic was stopped.  There was a large semi next to us.  People were honking.  A man jumped out of the passenger side of the semi with an AK47!  He walked up to the front of the traffic and then came back to the semi.  Then traffic magically started moving!  I think he was actually a soldier, but it scared me! 

When we finally made it to the airport, we unloaded the bus and got our luggage.  I remembered that I had made spare copies of everything so I was able to locate our tickets.  During that time of getting our luggage, Noah had a blowout diaper.  It was all the way through his clothes and onto a blanket that I had wadded up between me and him.  There was no place to change him, so we were going to have to wait until we could get to a bathroom.

We walked up to the front of the airport and got into the huge line for security.  Unlike other airports where you walk in, then get to a security checkpoint eventually, at Bole, you go through security immediately at the front door.  There was hundreds of people in line.  So, here I was holding a poopy baby, trying to keep it off of me, and waiting in his huge line with no bathroom in sight.  Noah wasn’t the only one with a problem though.  One of the other babies also did it, but it went all down the front of Colin’s jeans.  HA!  It wasn’t funny at the time, but now it is pretty funny. 

After about 30 minutes, we finally made it through security.  Then we found a bathroom where I had to change Noah’s clothes and diaper.  After that, we found the ticket counter, then went through Customs, then finally upstairs to our gate.  We had at least three hours before our plane was going to leave, so we just found a bench and sat.  I was exhausted before we ever got to the airport, then now holding Noah for more than an hour probably and wrestling our luggage, going through Customs, etc.  My arms felt like wet noodles.

While Noah and I sat, Garland went to exchange our Birr into Dollars and find us something to drink.  After a few hours, it was finally time to board the plane.  Already up for 16 hours at least, we still had about 28 hours ahead of us before we would be home…and at that point, HOME was all I could think about.