April 19, 2010

TWO days

This morning I contacted our travel agent and our adoption agency.  The travel agent said there is a good chance that we will be able to fly as planned.  If we can't, then we will choose a new flight plan and take a really long way to get there.  That may involve going from here to Dubai or Cairo then to Ethiopia...which means instead of crossing the Atlantic Ocean, we would cross the Pacific.  That would put us to Ethiopia a day late, but the adoption agency said as long as we get there by Monday, we will still be fine.

Later this afternoon, the airport in Amsterdam reopened and allowed three outbound flights and a few inbound flights...one being a flight from Atlanta.  That is where we will be coming to Amsterdam from on Wednesday.  We HOPE HOPE HOPE that flights continue as scheduled and that we encounter no interruptions.

I spent most of today packing.  Everything is done except a few last-minute items and Garland's carry-on bags.  We made a final (hopefully) run to Walmart tonight for last-minute items.  I think this is our second "final" run though!

Tomorrow, I have to get the house cleaned again and do a bunch of other little things.  I do plan to take a little break and get a pedicure though.

If all goes as planned, we will be boarding a plane in about 36 hours!


Eastiopians said...

Oh, I am sure hoping and praying that everything goes well for your travels! But no matter how you get there, just get there! :) And LOL about this being your second final run...I totally get that. I have a feeling you will find a few more things that you need. It just happens that way. Hugs!