April 06, 2010

No news! edited!!!!! now, GREAT NEWS!!!!!

Maybe I should have wrote this blog post a few days ago!!!  About an hour after I wrote it, we received an email from our agency!  We are leaving April 21st!!!!!!!  I'm excited, but still very bummed that one of my fellow adoption friends will not be able to go the same time due to USCIS issues. I hope they get worked out soon so she can travel in MAY!


I really thought by now we would have SOMETHING new to share.  Whether it would be new measurements, news of Noah passing his medical exam, or even news about travel.  So far, we haven't received anything at all.  I'm getting a little aggravated by this fact too.  My social worker at the agency is on vacation for two weeks.  I was given a backup, but haven't received a response to the questions I sent her early yesterday morning.  Even if they have nothing to share, I wish they would at least respond with that.  Just tell me "We don't know anything yet!"  at the least!  I HATE it when I just receive nothing at all.

One of my adoption friends is having so many more headaches with the process than I am so I shouldn't even be complaining.  We were really hoping we would get to travel together, but USCIS is really putting them through the ringer.  In a time when they should be excited with anticipation, they are experiencing delays, sadness, and desperation from added wait times because they "don't qualify" for an expedited approval process.

Anyone who says adoption is so much easier than going through labor and delivery has obviously not been in our shoes.  Then again, I have not been in their shoes either.  At least with labor and delivery, you know that there is an end in sight.  You know that when you get pregnant, nine or so months later, you will be done with the process.  With adoption, just when you think you are done, someone jacks you around and says they need another $900 to look at your file and fingerprints again.  Or the court system changes the rules and you have to fork out another $4000 or more for an extra trip.  These things haven't happened to us, but these are things that are happening to my adoption friends.  It's not fair and frankly, it ticks me off!

Everyone says it will be worth it in the end.  Everyone says once you have that baby in your arms, you will forget all about the wait.  They say the pain and aggravation will just melt away.   They say good things come to those who wait or it will happen when he/she is good and ready for you.  I have heard ALL of those lines and excuses.  But, when you are at the point where we are and where our friends are, all we want to hear is "book your tickets and get on board that plane!"

In the meantime, we wait, at the mercy of others.  There is nothing we or our friends can do at this point to speed things up. I have emailed our agency.  They have wrote letters to their legislators.  So, we wait, pray, and hope that all of us will get good news soon.


Carrie said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you all!