April 16, 2010

Go Away Volcanic Ash!!!!

We are five days away from take off and I am VERY concerned about possible delays and cancellations due to the volcanic ash from the volcano in Iceland.  We are flying into the airport in Amsterdam.  Right now, that airport is closed!  If there is no change in the volcanic ash, then I'm not sure what will happen.

I tried to contact our travel agent today, but he is so busy helping people who are stranded, that he couldn't even talk to me.  We are hoping for a big wind to blow the ash the other direction and open up the sky ways again by Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Julie -- I am soooo excited for you!! Noah is absolutely beautiful and still such a little guy. My cousin lives in England and refers to flying with a kid that doesn't have his own seat like holding a live Salmon for 14 hours.... just to help prepare you. LOL! We will be praying that the ash will settle/blow another direction/ or vaporize so your flight will not be delayed or otherwise changed.

Debbie said...

Hopefully everything clears up so you leave and arrive on time.