February 17, 2010

Court Date!

We finally received word today!! Our court date is tentatively scheduled for March 4th!  One more step closer to getting him home!

A little question and answer about the court date...

Where is the court date held?
It is held in Ethiopia.

Do we have to be there for it?
No, we signed Power of Attorney over to a representative from our agency who will attend the session on our behalf.

Is there a possibility that you might not pass?
It is possible that our case could be postponed due to missing information, lack of electricity in Ethiopia on the day of our hearing, or even the courts being overbooked.  I have never heard of a case being completely denied...only cases that were postponed.

What happens if you don't pass?
If we don't pass on the first try, we will be assigned a new court date which could be another month away from the current one.

What happens if you do pass?
Then he will officially be ours!!!  That also means that we can show his picture off to the world!

What is the process like after you pass?
Once we pass court, there is more waiting.  First the written court order has to be issued.  That usually takes about a week.  After that, a letter from MOWA (Ministry of Womens Affairs) has to be issued.  I'm not sure the exact timeframe for that.  After that, we wait for a birth certificate to be issued.  That will take about two weeks. Then the Ethiopia agency staff will work on getting Noah's Ethiopian passport, Embassy medical exam and will prepare the final paperwork to submit to the Embassy. Once they receive verification that all of those steps are complete, then the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa will give us an appointment date for when we will need to be in Ethiopia!

How long after court date then before you travel?
Probably two to three months after a successful court date.

How far in advance will you know when you will travel?
Normally four to six weeks in advance, although it could be less than that.


jessica said...

I like this Q&A, Julie! (I learned a few things! :) )

Congrats again on your court date! Two weeks is going to be here before you know it!

The Gotch 5 said...

WHAT??! I didn't think it would be 2-3 months WHAT!!!!??? That stinks I was thinking he would be here like in April POOP that stinks not that you are not already thinking this sorry:o(