December 18, 2009

Number 6

We moved up another spot this week to #6. We were really hoping to have a referral by Christmas, but we aren't holding out too much hope for that. We are happy, though, to be this CLOSE!!! It just seems so surreal that we are the closest we have ever been.

If we get a baby under 12 months old, then we anticipate that we will have a referral by the end of January. But, if we get a referral for a baby over 12 months (since we put that we would accept up to a 15 month old) then we could get a referral ANYTIME!

We've been trying to keep ourselves busy during the Christmas season. I decided to not send Christmas cards until we get our referral. So, if you are looking for a card from aren't getting one yet!! Garland thinks I am crazy, but I was so holding out hope that we would be able to send our Christmas cards with news of our referral...and that is what we are going to do!!

In the meantime, Garland and I have been making lots of Christmas cookies and candies. Every year I attempt to make caramels and always fail. I decided to make them this year and not stop until I mastered them. It took four batches before I got them right, but woo they are really good! .

One of three failed attempts. Holy cow, that looks disgusting!


Caramely goodness!

My first attempt at divinity -- success!

Red Velvet Cake Balls -- TO DIE FOR!!!!


Holli said...

Number SIX!!!! We are so excited for you and of course for us.... if you are number six we are #5!!!! I pray that you get your call before Christmas!!! all your treats look SO YUMMY!!!

Gretchen said...

Can I say YUM!!!! Congrats on your moving up on the list!!!! I truly hope its BEFORE Christmas!

The Gotch 5 said...

The red velvet cake ball were to die for!!!! Praying for a speedy referral really hoping BEFORE Christmas, God can do anything he is the ultimate gift giver it can happen!!!!!!!!

Debbie said...

Somehow I missed this post.

Yay for #6!! Although word has it you may be at #5 now!