December 10, 2009

No news is NOT good news!

Who ever made the saying "no news is good news" obviously wasn't on a four-year journey to adopt a baby through international adoption. No news is terrible. No news is maddening. No news is torture. No news is more annoying than anything I can think of at this point. No news STINKS!

That is how I am feeling today. I HATE this process right now. Court was closed for a few months over the summer. Everyone thought referrals would pick up after the courts reopened. This has NOT happened. Our agency is not saying anything either...which doesn't help matters any. I mean, if they know that there is going to be a lack of referrals for a while, I would love to just KNOW instead of waiting and wondering.

Every time my phone rings my heart jumps to think that it could be our call. We really could get our call at anytime even though we are #7 on the waiting list. This is due to the age range we selected. We indicated that we would take a child up to 15 months old...whereas others have put they will take a child up to 12 months old. I've said it before...the wait just gets harder the closer we get.

We thought this would be the year that we would have Christmas knowing who our child was/is. We are still hoping for that, but we aren't holding our breath either. There hasn't been any referrals for more than two weeks. We did move up to #7 on the list but that wasn't because someone got a referral. It was due to someone not being on the message board anymore and no one really knew if they had gotten a referral or not, so they were removed from the list.

What do I want this Christmas?? NEWS!!!! That's all I want.


Gretchen said...

News and a REFERRAL!!! I really hope it speeds up for you Julie. I really, really do...