November 20, 2009

Single digits!!!!

We have finally made it to single digits!!! Today we moved into the number nine spot!!! We are getting excited and are cautiously optimistic that this is actually going to happen sometime soon!!! After almost four years on the adoption roller coaster, it is hard to believe how close we may be. I saw someone post that if they were pregnant with a biological child, today would mark their 40th week (since official wait with their Ethiopia process). Let's see...if we are counting weeks since we started the adoption process, then I am about 208 weeks pregnant! That's a LONG pregnancy!!!

Stay tuned!!


Debbie said...

Yay for single digits!!! Here's hoping the next 9 digits disappear quickly.

Amy said...

Hi Julie, I read your previous about your couponing. Can you give me some tips? Where you get yours? How to know when there are super coupon offers, etc?