November 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!! (edited with new picture)

Ten years ago today, I was preparing to walk down the aisle. In one way, it seems like it was just yesterday. In another way, it seems like we've always been together. We have had a rough ten years as far as trying to conceive/adopt is concerned. Other than that, it has been great! I think the next ten years will be a lot different than the first ten...hopefully there will be three of us soon!

Here are a few pictures of that big day ten years ago. (P.S. No change on the list...still at #12. Booo...hisssss!!!)

And here we are now. Taken tonight thanks to a self-timer and tripod!


Gretchen said...

Happy Anniversary Julie!!! Boo-hiss to no change on the list.

Debbie said...

Happy Anniversary and I hope you move away from the #12 spot very soon.