November 02, 2009


We are STILL number 12!!! I'm tired of that number and am ready to MOVE ON!!! Lately, I've been trying to not focus so much on the wait. I've been limiting my time on the adoption message boards. It makes a person crazy to check a message board 100 times a day and see absolutely no change. In the meantime, I've been getting back to doing some awesome coupon deals. Just this weekend, I went to Kroger as they are having a big Mega Sale. Here is what I got...

5 packs Trix Yogurt (6 per pack)
1 Dannon Lite and Fit (6 pack)
3 cans Hormel chili
1 Kotex
6 Birdseye steamers
6 Birdseye steamers in lite sauce
5 fruit snacks
16 boxes potatoes
2 Tylenol 8-hour (24 per pack)
2 Uncle Ben's rice
4 Dole Mandarin Oranges
1 Quilted Northern (12 pack double rolls)
9 Sobe Lifewater
2 Diet Coke 24pks
1 Sweet Baby Rays
2 Tuna
5 Snuggle
71 items

Total prior to coupons was $141 and after coupons I paid $37.40. I'm planning another round in a few days. Trying to stock up on things now. I'm sure in a few months we will be busy with other things and won't have time for so many coupon deals!