October 02, 2009

Up to #16

The Ethiopian courts should reopen in a few days. Everyone is hoping this will mean more referrals will be given too! This past week, we moved up to #16. I was really hoping to be at #15 by the end of the week, but there hasn't been any change since Wednesday. There are still a few hours left in the day though, so who knows what will happen. We are just excited to be getting this close finally!!!

I sent an email to our case specialist earlier this week. I asked her if she had a guess on when she thought we'd get our referral. She said she didn't really know when it would happen for sure but she said, "I will contact you immediately upon receiving the match of a child for you. In the meantime, hang in there and know that we should have some good news soon!"

Soon??? What does that mean??? Soon as in a few days or soon as in a few months??? This is torture really! I don't think we'll know how to act when we get the call. I'll be in such shock and disbelief!