October 25, 2009

Number 12

It's been a while since I updated, but there hasn't been a lot of change either. We are now at number 12 on the "unofficial" waiting list. I was hoping things would really speed up once the courts had reopened, but there hasn't been the flood of referrals that some people were expecting. Last week there were 12 7 referrals given to 11 6 families. (woops...thanks Cami!) That means there was at least one set of siblings. We did not request a sibling group, so we will just be getting one. On the real list, I think we are probably somewhere in the fifties. That is just a guess though.

I am trying to talk myself into buying some baby things. In the beginning of the adoption process (in 2005 and 2006), I bought a lot of little girl clothes because our agency said we would be getting a baby girl from China and it would happen within a year. When the wait started getting longer and longer, I stopped buying things. It has been at least three years since I bought something specifically for our child. In some ways, I think I've been afraid I would jinx myself or something. Today I went to Walmart and as I was walking in, I told myself I was going to walk out with at least one baby item. I didn't care if it was just a cheap pacifier, but I wanted to walk out with one item. Of course, I did not put this on my shopping list so when I walked out, I had nothing baby related!

I think the wait is harder now that we are so close than it was when we were so much farther away. Every time the phone rings, my heart skips a beat and I get that "what if this is it??" feeling. I have no clue what I will do when I finally see "Children's Home Society" on the caller ID. I'll probably forget how to answer the phone or something. Our call could come at anytime even though we are not in the number one spot on the list. That's because we gave an age range up to 15 months. Most of the other waiters have said they would take up to a 12 month old. That could put us ahead of others if a child is relinquished that is between 12 and 15 months old.

In the meantime, we have finally started talking about names. We don't know if it will be a boy or a girl. We have thrown a few names around, but haven't found any yet that really strike us as being THE name. Any suggestions???

Garland and I went to Starved Rock State Park on Saturday. We didn't walk the trails, but went up to the lookout point and I got a few good pictures of the fall foliage. I think it would have been much prettier and more colorful last weekend.


Jill and Robert said...

Glad you are getting closer!!! I can't imagine how hard it would be to wait this long.... but you are almost there... can't wait to read your blog when it says referral!!

I love the starved rock pictures. I grew up in Ottawa and loved going there.....

Cami said...

You are so close! It will be great to finally read about your Referral. It seems SO far away yet for us. We are also with Children's Home. I was wanting to see where you heard there were 12 Referrals last week. I thought the hotline said 7 children to 6 families. I was just curious...:-) Thank you!

Debbie said...

Getting closer! I'm so excited for you!!!

As far as names go I have several that I really like, but I also feel that naming our children is a personal decision. We chose names that we felt would be good here in the U.S. but were still part of our girls culture. Liliana (Guatemala) and Naomi (Ethiopia). We also incorporated Lili's birth name into her name and will do the same with Naomi. Our goal was for our girls to have a name given to them by us and their birth mother.

Cindy said...

You may also end up loving their Ethiopian name.
That said we LOVED the name Makeda. We thought we would use it as either a first name or a middle name. When we decided to keep Mihiret we just thought it didn't work with it so we chose Mihiret Grace.
Have fun!

The Gotch 5 said...

So sad there has been no movement. I have not asked lately because I know it stinks to talk about it. Names I got nothing is there a book of Ethiopian names anywhere that would still be authentic from his/her birth country. And really I wouldn't be surprised if you loved the name that he/she already has! That referral is coming soon just not soon enough!!!!