September 07, 2009

#21...and holding

I haven't posted recently because there hasn't been much change. We are #21 on the unofficial list. We're trying to be patient while the court closure is on, and we're hoping that by my birthday in October, we'll start to see some movement again. We're sad to see summer go, but we're excited that we're getting closer and closer to this finally happening!


Debbie said...

I follow a few Ethiopia forums and right now there are a lot of families who have recently returned from pick up trips, are leaving soon on pick up trips or are currently in Ethiopia on pick up trips. With the number of kids coming home right now I would hope to start reading referral news within the next few weeks. At least I hope so.

Holli said...

Can't wait to move up the list or move off the list!:)
Here is to going to Ethiopia SOON!