July 06, 2009

Fourth of July

We had a great weekend even though the weather was cold and rainy for the most part. We had a family get together at my parents' house Friday night and Saturday night. Then Sunday we came back home and went to the fireworks with friends.

As always...you can click on pictures to enlarge them.




William (my cousin Jeannie's husband)

Josh (nephew)


Jake (nephew)

Eddie (my brother-in-law)

Jennifer (my sister)

Kim (my cousin)

Taryn (cousin Jeannie's daughter)

Mac (my Uncle...bet you can't tell he's actually a cowboy)

Jeannie (my cousin...Aunt Pat's daughter)

Aunt Pat (wife to Mac...the cowboy...and gangsta wanna-be)


The hummingbirds were insane at my parents' house.

Finally caught one standing still

Mom and dad's pond with willow fluff on it

The wasp was hungry too.

back row: Jennifer, Lucy (dog), Eddie
front row: Brian, Tanya, Tara, Lindsay, Jed, and Austin


Eastiopians said...

Great pics of the fireworks!

The Gotch 5 said...

Nice pic of Jen!!! Cool pictures of the fireworks!!

Kim said...

Great pics!!! I miss Lucy but am glad she is happy with her new family!!! I love you guys bunches!!!