January 05, 2009

New Years Party

We always spend New Years Eve with the Langs and Talberts and several other couples. This year we decided to rent the Armington Park District gym so that no one had to mess with doing a lot of cleaning before or after the party. It was $90 to rent the gym for the evening, but everyone pooled their money to help pay for it. We had seven or eight families in attendance.

To start the evening, we had volleyball on one end of the gym and basketball on the other end.

While some people played those games, some enjoyed visiting with others on the bleachers and being downright goofy.

After everyone arrived, a heated game of California kickball ensued. If you have never heard of this game, the basics are that there are six bases and multiple people can be on a base at the same time. Not many rules in the game.

Our smallest ball player wanted to play basketball really bad. This is Brynlee. This is her mom's blog. She's one of the cutest babies I've ever seen I think!

When the adults were all tired from playing games upstairs, we went downstairs and played board/card games. The night was a lot of fun and the best part was cleanup took about 15 minutes.

Here are other random pictures from the night.