January 16, 2009

It's colder than cold!!!

I never thought I would see a time when school was canceled THREE DAYS in a ROW, but we are seeing it now. On Wednesday, we had about four inches of snow. School was called off due to blowing and drifting snow on the roads. Yesterday the "warmest" it got was -1. The coldest yesterday was -16. The wind chills were 30 to 40 BELOW zero. So, no school yesterday. Today, we are again sitting below zero on temperatures...with no school again!

I'm getting cabin fever though. I have to get out of this house today, even if it's just to go two blocks down to the post office.

Oh, dear spring, please come quickly!!! I'm tired of the brown everywhere. I need green. I need flower. I need warmth!!!!


Debbie said...

You're always welcome to come over and have cabin fever with Lili and I :-)