January 05, 2009

I heart Goodwill!

If there is one thing that I hate paying a lot of money for, it is kitchen gadgets. I always seem to buy the cheapest stuff I can find. There is only one thing I won't skimp on and that is kitchen knives. I love my Henckels knives! Anyway, back to my point. I have had the cheapest vegetable peeler and I hate it!! You know what I am talking about. The one that you get for 99 cents at Walmart. It's the most uncomfortable thing to use.

This past Saturday, we went to Springfield and made a stop at Goodwill. I was so excited when I found this in this in the housewares section.

This is a Kitchenaid Euro Vegetable peeler. This picture isn't the one I got...mine is yellow, but it is the same style. It sells for about $12. I know that doesn't really seem like a lot of money, but again, I hate to pay that much money for a small kitchen gadget. I was so excited to see the price on it was only 99 cents!

I also found a two-pronged fork. The long kind that you use to turn a roast or whatever. I didn't have one at all. It was only 36 cents.

Although we didn't find much of anything else in Springfield, these two finds made the trip all worth it!