December 03, 2008

Our first snow day!

Our Thanksgiving break was extended one day due to snow! On Sunday, we had a few inches of snow in the morning. The roads were pretty clear I thought by that evening. Apple asked me Sunday night if we would have school on Monday. I told her we definitely would because they wouldn't cancel school for that little amount of snow. At 5:45 a.m. on Monday, our phone rang. I knew it would either be Tara or the school since no one else calls that early. Sure enough, it was the recorded message saying school was canceled. I ran down the hall, giddy as could be, and told Apple. Then I thought I would go back to sleep for a little bit, but I was too happy about having the day off and couldn't relax.

So, Apple and I decided to just lay around and be bums for the day. We played on the computers, watched TV, wrapped Christmas presents, and finally made some cookies. These weren't just your everyday run of the mill cookies either. I found this awesome recipe for "Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies." They were wonderful and BIG! So big that we could only put four or five on a cookie sheet.

I also got my AWESOME new camera via UPS that morning so I did a lot of playing around with it. Click on the ornament pictures and be amazed. I can't believe how detailed and sharp the pictures are.