November 09, 2008

Work Transition

As some of you may know, I will be transitioning to a new job at the beginning of December. A few months ago, Governor Blagojevich enacted several budget cuts that resulted in the layoffs of approximately 73 people at DHS as well as a significantly higher number at DCFS and DNR. While my position was not directly targeted for layoff, given that these positions were all AFSCME bargaining unit positions, persons who were laid off were given the opportunity to bump those with less seniority. A domino effect occurred, resulting in the loss of my position by someone with higher seniority. As a result, I was given three options: bump a staff with less seniority, take an existing vacancy, or accept layoff with the opportunity for recall within 2 years. On principal, I chose not to use my bumping rights. Okay, that decision was based partly on principal and partly on the fact that there was an existing vacancy in Peoria. This position keeps me in Division of Rehabilitation Services, but requires me to leave my existing duties in the Home Services Program.

Effective December 1, I will be based out of the Peoria DHS office, working as a Rehab Instructor for the Bureau of Blind Services. While the work itself will be rather new to me, I eagerly await the challenges that await. I have always wanted to serve customers that reside in my home county, and this position requires travel in a 5-6 county area, including Tazewell. Thankfully, I will suffer no decrease in wage and the closer commute will actually result in some cost savings.