October 18, 2008

Super Double Deals!!

We took a road trip today to Bradley, IL just to go to Kmart. They were the closest Kmart store to us that was participating in the Super Double coupons. Super Double coupons means that any coupon up to $2 would be doubled to $4.

We left early this morning. When we got to the store, we were pretty disappointed that a lot of things were sold out. We got what we could and left to come home. On our way, we stopped in Pontiac to run into Fashion Bug. I saw that there was a Kmart next door. I remembered that if you presented an ad from the store that was offering the Super Double coupons, then the non-participating store would honor it. We dug around in the van and found that we had an ad that we had picked up and we were set. I talked to someone at the service desk and after a few phone calls, they agreed to honor it.

Here is what we ended up getting:

Click to enlarge

6 -- Resolve Carpet Cleaners
4 -- Bags of Cat Food
4 -- Oust Oil Candles
1 -- Glade Candle
1 -- Oversized Volleball Game
4 -- Greased Lightening
3 -- Fantastik
2 -- Gillette Shampoo
4 -- Endust
2 -- Progresso Broths
2 -- Glade Carpet Powder
3 -- Dog Treats
1 -- Cat Treats
3 -- Biore Moisturizer
3 -- Dove Shampoo
2 -- Pantene Hair Straightener
5 -- Sure Deodorant
3 -- Packages Bic Razors
4 -- Boxes Kotex
1 -- Dawn Hand Renewal
3 -- Mr. Clean Wipes
1 -- Orville Red. Popcorn
2 -- Tylenol Rapid Release
1 -- Ziplock Bags
1 -- Tums Smoothies
1 -- Visine
4 -- Loreal Eye Shadow
3 -- Packages Revlon Emory Boards
1 -- Starkist Tuna
1 -- Swanson Broth
1 -- Thai Kitchen Noodles
3 -- Packs of Zest
1 -- Peanut Butter
3 -- Nail Art
1 -- Toothpaste
3 -- Curel Lotions
1 -- Dove lotion
1 -- Sally Hanson Nail Polish
6 -- Bags frozen vegetables

Our total before coupons was $310.00
After coupons: $54.00!!

Many things were FREE. Many things we were paid to take.

Stay tuned for another post tomorrow. I'll be going to CVS tomorrow at some point.

Now, where am I going to put all this stuff?


Once upon a Qpon... said...

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