October 01, 2008

I heart double coupons!

Normally, I am not a Kmart shopper. Several weeks ago there was news on the internet that select Kmarts across the country were offering double coupons; however, there were none in our area that were doing it. Again, this week, the same sale was being advertised for the same select stores. I got to looking on some of the deal web sites and found that the corporate offices at Kmart were going to allow ALL Kmarts to offer this sale. So, Apple and I made a quick trip to Bloomington tonight!

The coupon deal was that you could use up to 75 coupons and any coupon up to $2 would be doubled. ($2 coupon becomes $4 off)

Here is a picture of what we got. Click on it to enlarge.

Here is the rundown:

4 - Pledge wipes
2 - Toothpastes
1 - tweezers
3 - L'oreal Vive conditioners
1 - Garnier Fructise Conditioner
1 - Jumbo Herbal Essences shampoo
1 - Sunsilk hair creme
2 - Sure deodorants
1 - Brut deodorant
1 - Kotex
2 - Shaving gels
2 - Greased Lightning cleaner
4 - Carpet deodorizers
1 - Resolve carpet cleaner
3 - Tide (32 load) detergents ($3 each after coupons)
4 - Gillette shampoos
1 - Glade fabric refresher

My total prior to coupons was: $125
After coupons: $34!

Keep in mind that $20 of that was for tax and laundry soap.

I think we did pretty good.