October 25, 2008

Trip to Grandma and Grandpa's

A few weekends ago, we went down to my parents' house for the weekend. We took a drive down to Brussels to get pumpkins and took Apple across the river on a ferry. It was the first time she'd ever been on one. We went to Barefoot for supper in Hardin and she and I shared catfish fritters. I'm glad we shared a meal because we couldn't even finish what we got.

Here are few pictures I took on our drive.

On Sunday morning, Apple hung around the house in her pajamas. My dad came out with a gun and asked her if she wanted to try it out. I think he made her day. (It was only a pellet gun, so don't be too concerned.) So, we all headed out to the porch with an aluminum can. Dad showed her a few times how to do it and taught her how to aim. She had a hard time cocking the gun since she doesn't have much muscle in her arms! She had a great time though.

Recently, my dad got a new dog. He's just a pup and loves to chew on everything. He's really an outside dog, but just like, Buddy, he gets to come into the house occasionally. We finally discovered a trick to keep him in the mudroom. Mom just leans the broom across the doorway and he won't go past it. He sleeps in the funniest positions.

He also likes to ride the four-wheeler. Buddy usually rides on the back, but Boomer likes to ride up front so he can see all the action. I think he almost fell asleep on this ride though.

These are just a few pictures I took at Mom and Dad's.