October 26, 2008

Another first for Apple

This weekend Apple got to participate in her very first hay rack ride. We went to a weiner roast at our friends' house. It was very windy and cold, but everyone wanted Apple to be able to go on a hay rack ride while she was here. So, right at dusk, they hitched up the hay rack and loaded everyone up onto it. We had so much fun singing and laughing. I think Apple thought we were all a little bit crazy though! It was a very cold ride.

She also thinks it's freezing out now. We keep telling her that this is nothing compared to how it will be in January. The wind was blowing so hard today and I told her to just imagine it blowing like that with the temperature 50 degrees cooler. She is going to need a warmer coat. The coat she brought from Thailand is not very thick. I guess that gives us an excuse to go shopping!

In other news, we got Apple's first report card in the mail. She got an "A" in each of her classes! She's doing great!


Jeff and Amy said...

How fun, looks like she enjoyed herself though despite the cold weather. Always great when you can find an excuse to shop. LOL