August 02, 2008

Walmart, CVS, and Krogers

Went to Walmart....and got this...

1 - Cheerios Snack Mix - $1.00 - 60 cent coupon
2 - Purina One Cat Food - $6.74 each - Had two coupons for free bags
2 - Purina Cat treats - $1.07 each - had two coupons for $1.00 off each
2 - Old Spice Travel-size deodorants - 50 cents each - had two 50 cent coupons

All of that was practically free...then we had the magazine, crackers, and 12 AA batteries which I didn't have coupons for. Toatal before coupons and tax was around $25.00. I paid $10.27.

Then we went to CVS and got this...

2 - Special Dark M&Ms
2 - Reeses mini-candy bars
4 - Bags Lifesavers
3 - bags Skittles
3 - packages of Starburst
3 - packages of Starburst Gummies
1 - Bandaids
1 - Neosporin
1 - Revlon Blue
1 - Blood Glucose monitor (which will be donated probably)

Total before coupons was around $67.00. After coupons and ECBs used, it was $14.81. The Revlon was a weekly deal on sale for $9.99 and then get $9.99 back in ECBs, but they charged me $2 too much for it and I did not get the ECB. So, the manager gave me a gift card for $11.99 to cover the ECB and the overcharge. So, I came out with $7 in ECB and a gift card for $11.99. We got all the candy because when you bought $10, you get $5 ECB. I actually spent $5 more than what I should have, but that was poor figuring...I wasn't sure how it would work since the Lifesavers were BOGO free and I had a BOGO free coupon also. Didn't think that would count towards the $10 since all four bags were free, but it lesson learned.

Next we went to Krogers. We took two carts as Garland didn't want to mess with the coupons. So, he went around and got the normal stuff that we need each week that we did not have coupons for. Then I took another for the things we did have coupons for. His total was around $40....we were out of hamburger and chicken, so that was a large part of it. is what I got:

I can't find my receipt at the moment...but all of that was only $10.27. Here is what I got, in case you can't see it...

3- 32 oz bottles of Heinz ketchup
1 - Betty Crocker frosting
1 - Betty Crocker cookie mix
1 - loaf of bread (it was free with a coupon)
1 - Goat cheese
1 - Chex mix (on clearance for $1.01 - 50 cent coupon that was doubled, so I got it for a penny!)
2 - bottles of apple juice
1 - Taco shells
1 - bottle Windex (free)
1 - cottage cheese

Not bad for $10, ay?