August 22, 2008

"Buffalo don't have wings!!"

Notice the title of this posting? That is a comment that Apple said one night this week when we were in St. Louis. She was reading a menu and started laughing when she saw buffalo wings listed as an entree. We all got a good laugh out of it.

We left for St. Louis on Monday, but we stayed one night at my parents' house. Apple had many firsts. Here are a few of them.

First time fishing

First ear of sweet corn

First four-wheeler ride

On Tuesday, we headed to St. Louis. We stopped in Alton to show Apple the statue of Robert Wadlow. It is a lifesize replica. He was quite a bit taller than all of us.

Then we went to St. Louis Mills mall and then to Dave and Busters.

On Wednesday, we went to the zoo, Science Center, and Planetarium.

Thursday morning we went up in the Arch before heading home.

Today was the first day of school. Apple was very nervous this morning, but I think I was more nervous than she was. She did fine though and met a lot of people. She was excited when she got home and is ready for the year to begin. She is taking Biology 2, Trigonometry/College Algebra, PE, and Photography. I hope she can handle the Algebra, because I am terrible at it!!


Easties and Co. said...

Hey Julie! Girl, you are going to have to email me and update me on everything. You were so gracious to send me some CHSFS Ethiopia info and I have been working my booty off on the paperwork from our home study. The next thing I know, I check your blog and see a beautiful Apple! I don't know if you still have it, but my email address is I hope we can keep in touch. :O)