July 20, 2008

Follow-up to last post

Several people have asked us "What about the China process?" At this point, we are leaving our dossier in China. We don't really know what the outcome of it will be. We are going to wait and see. So, maybe...maybe not.

In the meantime, we are super excited about the Ethiopia process. Our agency has a web forum for their clients. Not every single person who is adopting is a part of the forum, but a lot of people are. We know that we are on the main list at our agency. There is a person on the web forum that has a list too that only includes the people who are members of the forum and who have volunteered to give information regarding their date that they got on the official list. So, basically, the list is a compilation of the people from our agency that are on the forum. On this list, there are 84 people and we are in the 84th spot right now. The couple that is the top spot have been waiting since October 19, 2007. They are waiting on an infant/girl. So, they are almost at the 9 month point in their wait. Now, an infant is considered 12 months and younger. We have requested a child up to 15 months old of either gender. So, I am looking at the list for the person who has been waiting the longest for a child of either gender between 12 and 15 months (as the high end of their age range). The first person on the list in that situation has been waiting since December 18, 2007, so about seven months.

What I am trying to say is that the 7-9 month wait time is spot on at this point. There will be little movement on the list for a few months as the Ethiopian courts shut down for a few months during the summer. Once the courts open back up, then things will begin to move again. Basically, the agency is giving parents the option to get their referral now and wait until September before they can schedule a court date, or to wait for the referral until the courts open back up. Some people can't handle the thought of having the picture of their baby, but having to wait so many month after that for the court date. So, that is what is causing a bit of a temporary slowdown.

In the meantime, we are getting things in order to welcome our foreign exchange student from Thailand in a few weeks. Apple will be arriving on August 11 around 7:30 in the evening. We can't wait to finally meet her after hours of chatting on the internet.