July 26, 2008

Kroger bargains

Krogers was having a MEGA-sale this week. There were many items to choose from in the $1, $1.50, $2, or $2.50 range. If you bought 10 items from any of those lists, you got an instant $5.00 off the total. The items could be from all categories...not 10 from one price range.

My ten items were:

Brawny Big Roll -- $1.50 - $0.50 coupon x 2 (Krogers doubles anything 0.50 and under) = $0.50
Cattleman's Barbecue Sauce -- $1.00 - 0.75 coupon = $0.25
Two Kroger Apple Juice -- $2.00
Frank's Red Hot Sauce -- $1.50 -0.50 coupon x 2 = $0.50
Two Ball Park Franks -- $1.50 x 2 = $3.00 - $1.00 coupon = $2.00
Two Tony's Pizzas -- $1.50 x 2 = 3.00
Betty Crocker Frosting -- $1.50 - 0.55 coupon = 0.95

Then my non-mega sale items were:

Cole's Family Size Garlic Texas Toast -- $2.68 - $2.68 coupon = Free
Wacky-Mac - $1.63 - $0.50 coupon x 2 = $0.63
Family Size Birdseye Vegetables x 2 = $5.56 - $5.56 coupons = Free
Gas-X - $8.00 - $8.00 coupon = Free
Three cans of Pringles - $1.13 x 3 = 3.39 - $0.30 coupon x 2 = 2.79
Pasta-Roni - $0.57 on clearance

So, my total before the $5.00 deduction for the mega-sale and before coupons were taken off was $45.70. After everything was deducted, I paid about $16.50! Cha-Ching!

You might wonder where I got the coupons for free products. I decided to try to write to companies who products we use. I wrote a form letter that I copied and pasted into an email. Then I just changed a few words based on the product I was writing about. I have received a LOT of coupons...many of which are for totally free products!!

We had other stuff we bought on this trip that wasn't on sale, but it was the essential things like bread, cheese, hamburger, etc. We took two carts this time so that I could deal with everything coupons related, and Garland got the other things that he could just grab without worrying about if he was getting the right thing based on the coupon description. The things he got totalled about $32, so for a week's worth of groceries, we didn't do too bad for less than $50. We have been known to spend $100 on a weekly trip.

On another note, our garden is producing a lot of tomatoes and cucumbers. I whipped up some pico de gallo tonight. Yum!! My only problem was when we went to get a few jalapenos in the produce section, there were none to be found. Apparently, they are a part of the e coli scare, so they cannot be sold. Luckily I had a jar of pickled ones at home from my Walmart bargains a few weeks ago. Not as good as the fresh ones, but it'll do in a pinch.


kangaj1 said...

Julie, I would love to hear more about these letters you write to companies for free coupons. I thought I was a bargain shopper, but you take the cake!! :)
Melissa Juvinall