June 15, 2008

Storm damage

We had a fast moving storm blow in today. I don't think I have ever seen the wind whip up as fast as it did today. We had just checked the weather and the news guy said that there was a lot of wind in front of the storm. He wasn't kidding! Garland and I weren't sure at first if we were getting a tornado or what. We looked out our back windows and all we could see were corn shucks from the field behind us being blown around. We had pool toys all anchored down, or so we thought, but we found some of those almost to the next street over from us. We had a few casualties from the wind. Our backdoor was bent to heck and the glass was blown out of it. Our grill was blown into the neighbors yard and ripped to pieces. We also had a little hail damage on Garland's car and a busted storm window on one of the kitchen windows. Not to mention a yard full of corn shucks now!!

You can click on the image below to go to a slideshow of all the pictures I took. When you get to that page, click on the "i" in the center of it to see the captions.