June 02, 2008

New look.....again

I created a new look for the blog today using digital scrapbooking elements that I downloaded. This kit was a free kit from twoboys00. I have seen a lot of people incorporating digital scrapbooking into their blogs and thought about paying someone to "stylize" my blog. I decided that I could maybe try it again and see if this time would turn out better than the last. I did a search for free scrapbooking kits (because I didn't want to sink money into this if I couldn't figure it out), and I found this site which offers lots of freebies everyday. So, I saved about $30 or more by doing this myself.

The basics of how digital scrapbooking works, is you start with pieces, just like you would with real scrapbooking. My redesign started with two different papers...one for the main background, one for the header background. Then I used nine separate images that I combined in Photoshop to make the header: tire, rope, brown butterfly, blue butterfly, dragonfly, maple seed 1, maple seed 2, dirt border, and sun. You position the items, twist, turn, resize, etc., just like you would in a paper scrapbook. Once you have created each layer of the header, then you flatten it, save it, and load it in to your blog. Clear as mud?

What do you think? I am sure that I will switch it up now and then. It's kind of fun!

By the way, today is month 22 in the adoption wait....but who's counting!?


Jeff and Amy said...

Wow Julie, I love the new blog look!!!