June 17, 2008


Today, I had Colby (my niece) and Bailey (I babysit her). We were having problems finding something to do outside. It was such a nice day, so I thought that we should be outside, but they didn't know what to do out there. I said "Hey, how about making some mud pies??" Colby looked at me like I was crazy. Normally, she doesn't want any form of dirt on her, so she was a bit apprehensive at first. As you can see in this first picture where she is just barely touching the dirt.

Bailey wasn't hesitant at all. This is a common activity for her since she lives on a farm.

Then Colby started getting more and more into it.

And then they decided to do a "rain dance"

After all that mud, they got a good shower with the sprinkler and then jumped into the pool!


Karyn said...

Julie, thanks for trying to help me with the formatting on my own blog...but I still don't get it :(
I can't get in between the photos with the arrow keys in order to leave a space...I've tried what you suggested but the cursor stays to the right of the pix and I'm not sure how to get in between. I wonder if it has something to do with the upload option I've set for my pictures to post of the far left vs. in the middle???

It's frustrating because as simple as it seems, I still can't figure out how to leave a space or a comment between pictures like you can.


Karyn said...

Thanks again, Julie. I could not get the desired formatting until I re-uploaded with the pictures in the center (vs. the left). Now it works like one would expect :) So, if you upload already in the center position, I'd suggest you keep doing it that way!