March 06, 2008

18 months's 19 not 18!

It's official...we have been waiting a year and a half so far. I am not even sure if we are halfway through our total wait time yet. That's really sad! I just updated the table to show what the status of things are. Here is a glimpse.

Notice the yellow highlighted areas. Click on the image to enlarge if it is hard to read.

The last time I updated this table was the middle of December. At that time, the table showed that on December 5, 2007, the CCAA had sent referrals for everyone who was logged in between December 9 and December 14, 2005. In the three months since then, the CCAA sent referrals for those logged in between December 15, 2005 and January 4, 2006. Let me rephrase that... In THREE months, the CCAA sent out 21 days worth of referrals. The only good news is that they are FINALLY into 2006 files. If they continue to refer an average of 7 days each month, then our referral will come in about 31 months. That means, we will be old enough to have grandkids by that time!!! I realize, this is probably a worst case scenario, but it is totally possible that our wait could be that much longer.

Many have asked us if there are other options. The answer is that there are other options, but all of the options involve lots of money. The CCAA is allowing people to do concurrent adoptions (something that wasn't allowed in the past). A lot of people have signed up for domestic adoptions or with other countries. Some are also going the special needs route. We have looked into both of those options, but for now, we are planning to stick out the wait and hope for the best. I always said that by the time we get Sadie, our niece, Colby may be old enough to babysit her. Colby will be six in June.

Now that you've had your dose of Debbie Downer for the are a few pictures I took this weekend when my brother and sister-in-law were home for a visit.

Jeremy and Josh after driving through the pond

Jake admiring the mud

Dad and Austin went for a ride on the tractor

Zoie with a toothless smile

Zoie checking us out

Zoie sleeping on the Boppy

Austin listening to some tunes


Anonymous said...

Hi! We have the same logn date as you and our government adoption agency inSouth Australia told us that we are looking at a referrals late 2009!