February 07, 2008

Monthly update

No big adoption news. The latest batch of referrals included up through December 27, 2005. They are almost into 2006 which is the year we were logged in. If only that meant something as far as a speedup. Oh well.

Is anyone else as tired of winter as I am? We have had such a mix of weather. One day it was 60 degrees during the morning, then the temperature dropped to 10 that night. We had about 11 inches of snow one day, then two days later it was 50 degrees with extreme fog. Yesterday it looked like a blizzard at times, but the temperatures stayed high enough that it just made slush everywhere. One night it we had thunderstorms with snow, sleet, freezing rain, and lost power......for about 14 hours! That was Super Bowl Night. The power went out about five minutes before the National Anthem. We weren't too upset about missing the game though, since neither of us like football. However, when the power finally came back on Monday morning (after school was cancelled), our thermostat said it was 52 degrees in the house. We were ready for some heat by then!

Here are a few pictures of this winter wonderland. The first one is at our house. The others I took when we went to my parents' house this past weekend.