January 01, 2008


I thought it would be good to do a look back at referral history for 2007 to show everyone just how much of a slowdown there has been with China adoptions. The chart below is a real eye opener and will let you all see just what we are up against as far as the big slowdown is concerned.

First let me explain what you are looking at in this chart.

Referral date: The date that someone was given the picture of the baby they would be adopting. Travel is usually 2-3 months after referral.

LID Cut-Off: LID is the date at which China received the dossier paperwork. When they logged you into the system as a potential adoptive parent.

Min Wait: This is the minimum that a person in that referral group had to wait for a referral.

Max Wait: This is the maximum that a person in that referral group had to wait for a referral.

Days of LIDs: The number of Log In Dates that were included. For instance, January 1 - January 5, would be five log in dates. Anyone whose paperwork was received in that timeframe would get a referral at the same time.

So, for example, at the beginning of the year, the average wait time was a little over 15 months and there was 19 different log-in dates included in a batch. At the end of year, the average wait is now almost 24 months and only 6 log in dates were included. At a glance, during the entire year of 2007, the CCAA made it through LESS than three months of LIDs. Our LID isn't until 8/2/2006. There are 7 1/2 months between where they are now and where our LID is. If it took one year to get through 2 3/4 months...and our LID is 7 1/2 months away from where they are at now, then we can expect a referral around October 2010. This is if things level out and there is no speedup or slowdown. Pretty depressing isn't it?


SaraJane said...

We are certainly on the same slow boat to China...the same LID in fact. Hang in there....for one hemisphere to another! x